Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

Feels hard

Friday, 17th December 2010. today was very hard for me, why? because last afternoon i and my friends try to entry many data of inhabitant of purbalingga.
i think you know the number, yeah.. very very many! so, its not individually task, probably it do by many students. Why students? hmm.. i dont know the cause, based the information i knew it a mandate from department occupation to give this task to my school.
I a bit interesting with this task because i think i'll be gave fee. hehe... (hopeful), my friends also have perception like me, it might have been much worse (hahaha). Preced we introduced by the teacher how to do. After we notice we can conclude that this task will very confusing..
we try to do the task, first we feels confused, but if we try to try we'll feel normal...
hehe, okay.. i just want to post my experience throughuot english.. i am sorry if my word is bad :P

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