Rabu, 25 Mei 2011


Why I write about this? Yap, I just want to open up my heart to you. Even though my english is not good but I just wanna try to convey it.We know that we life in the world cause ours God. You believe it or not its up to you. All activities on the world was taken over by him include luck. There are some people that lucky but also not less among them that experience bad luck, like me. A few days ago I lost my opportunity to get free study in university, this disappointment may be can be best experience of me to step up to the brighter future. I know that this is not end, this is one of his plan to me. I shouldn’t be down, I have to be a man who never give up and not only depend on luckily. Everyone is knowing that miracle is always be, but in my mind if it doesn’t followed by hard effort its not different with “fail”. Why? Yeah, he don’t like with people that just hanging on theirs desirous he prefer with people that active to people like that. May be he estimates me throughout his different side so I get failed or it just his attempt to realizing me (I don’t know). Now, I know what should I do today. I have to be better and change personality, not see the others that just depend on luckily..
Ya Alloh, hope you open widely the way that I’ve passed..

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